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The fact that the clients listed below are happy to recommend our services and welcome your phone call or email to answer any questions you may have is perhaps the most genuine evidence of our value and commitment to their success.

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We fully recommend Flickinger Wetland Company [now Integral Wetland Solutions (IWS)] as a go-to source to help through the often-confusing subject of wetland identification and mitigation. Flickinger personnel [now IWS personnel] have an in-depth familiarity with all aspects of the regulations and permitting, which takes the guesswork out of the process. Their goal is to always keep the client’s best interest in mind and provide solutions that meet the needs of all involved parties. They take a proactive approach to wetland services, producing results in a clear and concise manner that keeps the entire permitting and mitigation process manageable for the client. -GS

I have used Flickinger [now IWS] for many of my construction/development projects. I am very impressed with their knowledge and their ability to work within the jurisdictions. Carrie Ricker is a true pleasure to work with, she is very responsive, and extremely helpful with pushing the project timelines to completion. I would not use or recommend any other organization  for such projects. -TF

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